Rosé Poached Peaches with Tahitian Vanilla Cream and Pistachio Powder

Sometimes the best desserts are the simplest desserts. Maybe it was because it was a luncheon that I was catering for a group of women or the fact that it was a warm September afternoon and peaches and cream just sounded perfect. Either way, today was a good day for poaching fruit.

As this is my first food related post I feel I must first convey my thoughts on cooking which is the idea that recipes are just guidelines. Little This Little That is definitely a play off my cooking mantra.  I do realize that this is not helpful to people who read my posts and need more than just, "some of this and if you feel like it, some of that, or that....or that...."

Don't worry guys. I got you. I will include recipes. I will leave instruction. In return I would love for you to feel open to be your own creative cook in the kitchen by leaving out, adding in or substituting for something else. Learn to taste your food and get comfortable with it. The rest will fall into place.

You will need for poaching:

6-8 peaches

Rosé wine


Vanilla Pod

Spice (Clove/Anise -my preference)


I began by adding one bottle of Rosé wine to a stockpot and adding anywhere from 5-8 Tablespoons of sugar depending on your sweetness preference. Whisk together and add your peaches covering with water just until they float and are no longer resting on the bottom of the pan. At this point I chose to add a few cloves, 3-4 star anise and a vanilla pod.

Bring the pot to a simmer and continue to cook for 15 minutes. When done, remove peaches from the stockpot and set on a plate to rest and cool. Raise heat and low boil the poaching liquid for an additional 5-8 minutes to concentrate spiced peach syrup.

Once cool enough to handle, delicately peel peaches and slice to separate halves. The pit should be easily taken out at this point.

To assemble dessert you will need to first make the fresh whipped cream using heavy cream, sugar and vanilla beans whipped to stiff peaks.

For the pistachio powder I take shelled pistachios and minced to a fine powder or process in a food processor for finer results and set aside as a final garnishment to my dish.

Once all components are in place, layer peaches first spooning a teaspoon amount of syrup over then topping with cream and a sprinkling of pistachio for that extra Oomph.