My name is Noel Moton. I am free-lance private chef in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles counties with an almost 8 year history of experience working for families and businesses right around my home city of San Clemente, Ca.

I carry an excitement for blending flavors and am passionate about each meal I create. I take enjoyment and pride in working with fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables and look to source as much as I can from local farms and craft vendors. While I have catered to groups of 50 and more in the past, my service is now specialized to catering dinner parties and food displays for up to 30 people. I have also now expanded to include delivery and full service options for Bridal Couples looking to have some light breakfast or lunch fare to graze upon prior to taking the plunge! See our Menu section for more information.

Building artisanal cheese and charcuterie displays is a separate but equally passionate specialty of mine. I like to choose cheese and salumis imported from all over the globe and pair with small-batch made preserves and accouterments. No table is too small and I am happy to provide a display for up to 200 guests.

Please take a moment to check out my blog where I have posted pictures of past events and happenings in my foodie world!

 - Noel